Glow-in-the-Dark Posters and Fluorescent Inks

Every semester, Cockrell Enovation has been TCU Graphic Design students’ choice to print their exhibit poster. In Spring 2019, the tradition continued.

On March 17, Professor Jan Ballard and her five students —Alyssa, Lorelle, Meg, Emma and Kristin— came over to discuss their exhibit show called ‘Beyond.’

‘Beyond’ was drawn from the idea that five designers were brought together by the exploration of design and always choose to go beyond.

They came to Cockrell with a colorful design for the show’s poster, with a simple and elegant white heading contrasted against rich red and purple hues. To be able to bring it to life, our press operator Nick made a few suggestions regarding the inks, and our prepress genius had to adjust the spot colors to stay true to the students’ vision.

To be able to replicate the rich colors on the poster, we opted for a pink fluorescent ink, followed by yellow, magenta, cyan and black on the press. The pink ink had a different density, as fluorescent pigments are semi transparent and have lower color strength. Because of this the press was using it up more quickly than the other inks.

The run on our HP10000 took 47 minutes to complete the production of 850 folded posters and 100 flat posters.

The show will be hosted at TCU’s J.M. Moudy Gallery on April 29th. You can learn more about it here:

You can also check out the entire process on our social media: