The Top 10 Most Popular Fall Colors Will Surprise You

When we think of fall, we think of orange and brown leaves falling off the trees and flooding the sidewalks. Naturally, we would bet variations of red, orange and black would be the most popular fall colors. This year, however, the fashion industry has dictated otherwise.

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Get a Business Card That Shows You Mean Business.

             Every time you meet a new client or business connection, you exchange your business cards. it’s just what we do. It helps us connect and remember each other. A solid business card that grabs attention is part of the first impression! A great business card gives you credibility and...

The Ultimate Checklist to Market Your Products Smartly at Any Conference or Convention.

 Exhibitions and conventions can help you position yourself as an expert resource in your industry. There will be expenses involved in taking part of conferences but think about it as an investment because the results will benefit you on both personal and professional level. Getting ready for...

Mail Marketing: Five Smart Ideas to Avoid the Trash

Although email marketing is highly used, I still find direct mail more impactful when planned right. What makes it different is the personal touch (personalization) and the tangible feeling. It’s also a guaranteed method to get more eyeballs to your messages.