FAQ's Series: Sales

For the second post of our FAQ’s series, we wanted to focus on the Sales Department. Since our awesome Sales Team interacts with almost every customer that comes through our doors, we wanted to make sure to get clarity on the questions they get asked most. If you are curious about our first article in this series, click the link to read Portal FAQ’s.
1. What types of items do you print?
Offset, digital and wide format anything from business cards to banners. With our variety of presses comes a plethora of capabilities. We love working with our customers to create unique pieces. Want to keep up with our more unique pieces? Check out our Instagram!  

2. Do you have order minimums?
No, order as few or as many as you need! No project is too small for us. We want to create tailored experiences for each of our customers and that includes not requiring minimums.

3. What is the normal turn time?
Usually 3-5 days for digital print and 7-10 days for offset and large format. However, we do accommodate rush orders that are needed sooner than these normal lead times.

4. What are your prices?
Pricing varies by size, type paper used and quantities so it is always best to request a quote from us for your job’s specific needs. The best way to do so is by contacting us as sales@cockrellenovation.com [check email]

5. Do you ship out of state/internationally?
Yes! We partner with USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL to ship your order anywhere in the world.

6. Who are some of your current customers?
TCU, American Airlines, Dickey's, Dairy Queen, GM Financial, and many more! We have worked with big corporationslike Zales and local shops like Melt Ice Creams. No matter what your printing needs, we've got your back.

Still have questions we didn’t cover in this article? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your sales rep or email us at support@cockrellenovation.com