Get a Business Card That Shows You Mean Business.

             Every time you meet a new client or business connection, you exchange your business cards. it’s just what we do. It helps us connect and remember each other. A solid business card that grabs attention is part of the first impression! A great business card gives you credibility and oozes professionalism, lets people know you’re not messing around. In the past couple decades, the demand for great business cards has increased. How can you stay ahead of the crowd and always have the best business card? Here are a few ways you can stay ahead and always have a business card that will make people remember you.

  1. Graduate to the Heavy Weight Class.
              Every time someone grabs your business card what do they do? Bend it? Inspect it? Fold it? Yes, all of the above. Make sure you opt in for a business card at that’s thick, flimsy business cards are never impressive. Having a thick card will show you mean business and take yourself seriously.
  2. Get Straight to the Point.
              The most impressive cards I’ve ever came across have kept the design simple; Contact information, your name, your position and your company. Having a lot of noise or graphics on your business card takes away from what the card is, a business card. Keeping it simple with just the core information will show your peers you are straight to the point. Patrick Bateman’s card from American Psycho is a prime example.

    PB card.jpg
  3. Grow some teeth.
              Texture. Great business cards have texture. There are hundreds of little finishing’s to make your card stand out. Make sure your card is not too shiny and covered in gloss. Cards that reflect light are sometimes distracting and can make it difficult to read the information on it. If you do choose to go for a gloss finish, see if you can spot gloss your companies logo.
  4. Don’t stick with the standard.
               The standard business card dimension is 3.5” x 2”. Be a rebel and dont conform to these standards. Square cards are becoming more common and look great. It will have your card stick out in your peer’s rolodex or stack of business cards which will always have them reminded of you and make it easier for them to find your card when they want to reach out to you!
  5. Make it industry specific.
              If you are in a specific industry think about what you could do to make your card stand out rather than just having a plain old white business card. For example, if are a carpenter or work for a lumber company, print your card on wood! If you are a graphic designer or in animation print your card on a holographic paper, it will make people remember you as you put your creative flair on your business card. If you don’t have the budget for these fancy materials you can still have fun with it. After your contact information is presented on the front think if what you can slap on the back instead of keeping it blank. For example, if you’re an author have your book covers printed on the back. If you’re a chef, include one of your famous recipes on the back. Little things like this will defiantly make you stand out.

            Business cards are part of your introduction. Whenever you give one make sure you receive one as well. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on your cards as a little can go a long way and have you stand out against your competition. Having an awesome business card will show you are professional and have a keen eye for detail and always have high quality work.