A Refresher On All Things Portal

Have you ever reflected on the beauty that was the invention of DVR? With just a few clicks your precious tv show would be waiting and ready to be watched at any time of day and you no longer had to worry about fitting your schedule around your favorite shows or get stuck watching some other program in wait of your show to come on. Within seconds you had what you needed when you needed it. Here at Cockrell we wanted to bring that same ease and comfort into your printing life. And so the Print On-Demand Portal was born. In case you aren’t seeing the massive benefits to this great feature of our company just yet, we’ve laid out a brief list to get you jumping for On-Demand Printing joy!


Woops Portal Mockup



1. Faster Turn-Around Time

  • This means no waiting on sales rep for information, eliminating the middle man, and getting your products even faster.

2. Large companies with multiple employees and divisions can order their own business card on the portal without waiting for HR or Management to order business cards for them.

  • With big companies and franchises, the time to get approval on collateral quickly stacks up. With a On-Demand Portal, this issue is taken care of since all products are pre-approved by the appropriate departments and your business cards are only a click away.

3. Total control on look and feel on marketing materials. No more hassle on franchisees changing up the artwork.

  • Another issue with franchises is controlling the collateral that franchisees display in their stores. To eliminate this, the portal allows for a plethora of company approved print materials for franchisees to order and display.

4. It makes it easy for both corporate and local management to get all the marketing materials they need, when they need it, allowing total brand control with local flexibility.

And here are just a few more ways that an On-Demand Print Portal simplifies printing for your company:

  • Reduce Re-PrintingJobs 
  • Increase New Customers 
  • Repeat Orders Made Easier 
  • Retain & Build Customer Loyalty 
  • Make Print Ordering Easy for Clients
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction 
  • Build a Brand Online 
  • 24 Hours Open Business 

If this list doesn’t have you convinced head on over to http://www.cockrellenovation.com/printing-portal for more information.